9 Reasons To Love Skiing

The Whitehead annual ski trip is upon us again! This year we’re off to La Thuile for some genuine Italian pizza and pasta to fuel our skiing days. Last year we spent a week in La Rosière, just on the French side of the border, and everyday we made our way to our favourite restaurant in Italy for lunch – Lo Riondet. So this year we figured we may as well spend the whole trip in Italy!

This past week I’ve been obsessing over the things I’m looking forward to the most, so I thought I’d gather them together in one place.

#1 Get out from behind your desk

Whatever your day job involves, skiing can promise a total change of pace (unless you’re a ski instructor). For all you office workers out there, your body will welcome the chance to get your blood pumping and move in ways you normally don’t. No need to worry – you’ll get the chance to sit down on the chair lift!

Ready to roll.

#2 Eat lunch on a mountain

Whether you take a packed lunch or like to stop at a restaurant, there’s nothing like lunch on the slopes.

If you’re lucky the restaurant might even supply some fashionable straw hats.

#3 Enjoy delicious food

My personal highlight of each trip is usually the food. If you’re skiing in France or Italy you’ll be guaranteed delicious meals with lots of carbs, meat and cheese. And the best thing about loading up on tasty dishes like tartiflette (sliced potatoes baked in butter, cream, cheese and bacon) is that you’ll actually feel like you’ve earned it.

#4 Breathe fresh air

Especially if you live in a city like London where you spend your days breathing car fumes, the fresh mountain air will do you a world of good! It even helps to cure congestion and hangovers.

chairlift mountains
The crystal clear air at the top of a chair lift.

#5 Sunbathe in the snow

The novelty of being able to sun bathe when you’re surrounded by snow never wears off. The key is to remember to put on plenty of sun cream as the rays actually reflect off the snow and cause twice the damage!

#6 Cover massive distances in one push

It might sound pretty basic, but one of the fundamental thrills of skiing is purely how far you can travel with such ease. To really appreciate the mileage, try downloading an app like Ski Tracks.

Setting off down the slopes.

#7 Jacuzzi in the snow

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor jacuzzi in your hotel or chalet, be sure to make the most of it! Not only does it help to soothe aching muscles, it’s also the best place to watch a fresh snow fall.

jacuzzi in the snow
Me and Rosie watching the snow from our outdoor jacuzzi.

#8 Après ski

Inside or out, après ski is a fundamental part of the daily skiing routine. If you’re in need of warming up on a snowy day, try a vin chaud by a roaring fire. If you’re enjoying a day of sun, grab an outdoor table on the slopes and order yourself an aperol spritz or a cold beer.

#9 Incredible views

The main thing that skiing (and all mountain sports) offer that you just can’t get anywhere else is the view as you do it. On a clear day, there’s really nothing quite like it.



After skiing for more than 20 years, I still don’t seem to be getting tired of it. And I’m really not a sporty person as anyone who knows me will attest. But as you can see, there’s so much more to skiing than the physical activity!

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