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Hi, I’m Sophie

about me Sophie

Maiden name Whitehead (hence the blog name, get it?), I’m a writer living in St Albans and working in London. I’m lucky enough to travel about with my husband Matt, with my friends, and with my rather large family. This almost always involves seeing amazing countries and – my absolute passion – eating delicious food.

Sophie & Matt Dubrovnik cevapi and ice cream

I started wunderhead in February 2018 after a trip to Seville with Matt. I was telling everyone about how fantastic it was, with all the reasons why they should immediately book plane tickets to this wonderful city. Then it suddenly hit me – I should be writing this stuff down! As a professional writer I write every day, but I’d been looking for a new creative outlet. I wanted to write about something different, just for me. So I started this blog!

Here you’ll find weekend trips, city breaks, family jaunts and group holidays with friends. I may even treat you to some days out too.

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My glamourous cousin Laura works at a fashion label in Chelsea, when she’s not exploring far flung places with her husband in search of good surf.  If you’re all very lucky I’ll keep persuading her to part with her tropical travel tips – read her first guest post, The Honeymoon Guide to Morocco!


My jetsetting cousin Tom has recently returned from Jordan with his wife Gabbi, where he founded Shantet Sabaya, a social enterprise empowering women to explore creativity, generate an income and promote sustainable practices within Talbieh refugee camp. You can be sure his travels will never leave out food or music. 

Check out his first guest post for me, with heavy input from Gabbi, 48 hours in Istanbul (featured here!).


Having recently returned from Jordan (where she was definitely a spy…kidding), Gabbi is great with a camera and you can see some of her photos on my family holiday posts about Cyprus and Majorca.

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