The Most Instagrammable Spots In Seville

We spent a wonderful weekend in Seville last February. I totally fell in love with it – gorgeous weather, beautiful (instagrammable) buildings, delicious food and surprisingly low prices! It really is the perfect winter getaway. Almost a year later, it seems many of our friends are following our footsteps to the Spanish city.

Rather than repeat my favourite parts of the trip, I thought I’d mix things up. So here’s my ranking of the sights according to your most liked Instagram shots!

Torre del Oro

First up is the Torre del Oro (48 likes). This military watchtower looks out over the Canal de Alfonso XIII, with gorgeous views over the city. If you’re a history buff the rooms inside have some great displays.

Plan your visit for a Monday to get free entry!

Seville Cathedral

Next is the Catedral De Santa Maria De La Sede (50 likes). The largest cathedral in the world, this cathedral is Christopher Columbus’s resting place. Originally a mosque, it was converted into a cathedral after Seville’s conquest by Ferdinand III. It was then expanded in the Gothic style in the 15th century.

The inside is massive, especially with the swooping columns branching up to the towering ceiling. The Giralda bell tower will give you the best views of the surrounding city, and has a spiralling ramp up the inside instead of stairs!

On your way out through the Orangerie, make sure you stop to get a shot of the bell tower before you leave.


Triana is a neighbourhood west of the canal (51 likes), famous for the market next to the Triana bridge – a quaint indoor bazaar housing vendors selling all sorts of things. I’d recommend planning your visit around an early lunch, or even breakfast so you can enjoy a meal amongst the bustle of the bazaar.

Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol (51 likes), the largest wooden structure in the world, was totally unforgettable. We timed our visit for sunset on the first day, and emerged from the lift to see the whole city sprawled out in front of us. This is definitely the best time to take photos – the pastel colours, the tiled domes, the elaborate towers and sparkling rooftop bars are just so instagrammable.

The parasol itself almost feels like you’re walking over the tops of trees. Although the modern shape is so disruptive amongst the surrounding architecture, it still manages to feel as though it grew from the ground.

An adult ticket is €3, and you get a free drink in the cafe at the top!

Plaza de España

You can see the towering spires of Plaza de España (54 likes) for miles. This elaborate Renaissance/Moorish structure seems like a historic monument, but it was actually built in 1928 for the American Exposition.

The sprawling expanse of archways, fountains, tiled floors and ceramic accents is definitely impressive. The most photogenic part is probably the canal with tiled bridges and dotted with little boats. Definitely worth the walk, plus, no charge to get in!

Alcázar Palace

And the two most instagrammable spots in Seville – the Alcázar Palace (55 likes) and Gardens (58 likes)! Originally built by Moorish Muslim kings, Seville’s Unesco-listed palace is a breathtaking mixture of Christian and Mudéjar architecture. Get your camera out for the colourful tiled hallways, intricately carved stone archways, and beautifully peaceful patios.

We spent the whole afternoon walking around the different rooms, reading about their history, and taking photos of the stunning arches.

An adult ticket is €11.50, or €3 if you’re under 25, but do yourself a favour and book in advance online, and you’ll be able to enjoy walking straight past the massive queue to get in.

Alcázar Palace Gardens

As I said, and as you can see, the gardens of the Alcázar Palace are completely stunning. Manicured hedges and towering palm trees line the hidden pathways, a fountain jutting up at each intersection, all enclosed with grotto-inspired walls. Heaven.


Seville is the ideal winter escape, especially for a young couple who want some sun and delicious food without the price tag of leaving Europe. What makes it so instagrammable in my opinion is the combination of Moorish and Gothic architecture. Afterall, instagram loves an archway!

Get more tips for visiting Seville in my post – A Winter Weekend in Seville.

Click to in it!

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