The Best Majorcan Beaches

The weather in England is finally getting warmer! Granted, it is only February, so I’m sure temperatures will plummet back down. But while the sun is shining I’m daydreaming about one of my family’s favourite holiday destinations – Majorca.

Port de Sóller

“Port de Sóller was magical. The tram ride through the orange groves was dreamy! One might say it was extramely tramandous.”

Tom Whitehead
Soller Majorcan beaches
The tram travels along the pedestrianised seafront to the marina at the north end.

The Tranvía de Sóller departs from Plaça d’Espanya, taking a winding route past gardens and houses before arriving right at the beachfront of Port de Sóller. The tram itself is nothing short of historic, serving the town since its construction in 1913, and one of only two first generation tramways in the whole of Spain. Riding the tram turned out to be a welcome relief from the hot sun, allowing you to sit back in the rickety old wooden seats and admire the orange groves and farms as they trundle by.

Soller Majorcan beaches
The line is 4.868 km long, connecting the main town to the coastal village.

Port de Sóller is a pretty coastal village, with a strip of land shielding the beach from the sea, making the tide quiet and peaceful. Full disclosure, we didn’t spend loads of time here, so the tram was basically our main activity.

Soller harbour
Boats in harbour in Port de Sóller.

Playa de Santanyí

This is one of the most beautiful Majorcan beaches, nestled in a quiet cove on the south side of the island. But remember that to make the most of it you need to be prepared! There are no shady spots, toilets or convenient places to eat or grab drinks. This means you need to bring parasols, cool boxes of water bottles and packed lunches.

Santanyi Majorcan beaches
The Playa de Santanyí in Majorca is a popular spot for locals as well as tourists. Credit: Gabbi Whitehead

A walkway hugs the rocks on the right side of the cove, leading you around the headland to explore hidden caves and admire sweeping views of the Mediterranean. Great if you’ve got some restless boys in your group.

Santanyi Majorcan beaches
Tom is having a great time exploring caves. Credit: Gabbi Whitehead

Playa St Vincenc

Sant Vincenc actually has four Majorcan beaches to choose from, with Cala Barques being the biggest, decked out with lifeguard service and snack bar (food and drink availability is a Whitehead priority).

Vincenc Majorcan beaches
Parasols and loungers are available to hire during peak seasons.
Dad, Laura, myself, Hannah and Rosie, ready to claim our spot on the sand.

Port de Pollença

The Port de Pollença has a wide sandy beach curving all the way round Pollença Bay. Rock up for the day to relax on the sand, or go for a walk along the front to watch the boats and explore the shops and restaurants.

pollenca Majorcan beaches
Searching for a spot on Port de Pollença beach.
Pollenca Majorcan beaches
Laura and Rosie chilling out.
Mum sticking firmly to her established shady spot.

Playa de Formentor

“A windy road with the best views over the cliff, that then follows down to a beautiful secluded beach!

Hannah Whitehead

A remote beach with dramatic rocks and evergreen trees, Playa de Formentor is a long stretch of white sand along the Cap Formentor. It makes for a great cycle destination, apparently (you’ll have to take Rosie’s word for it).

Tom and Rosie-approved. Credit: Hannah Whitehead

Playa Sant Elm

Advertised as the largest sandy beach in south west Majorca, Playa Sant Elm is actually only 130m long. This is because of the terrain of this coast which is mostly rocky. Make sure you get there early, good spots on the sand are in short supply.

Sant Elm Majorcan beaches

The main benefit of Sant Elm beach is that it has more to offer than just the beach. I personally get bored of sand after a few hours, so Matt and I wandered around the village, bought some cold drinks, climbed the rocks and watched passing boats.

Sant Elm Majorcan beaches
Finding a spot on the beach can be a challenge. Credit: Hannah Whitehead

You can also hire canoes and take them out to La Illa Pantaleu – the small island just in view on the left.

Playa de Es Trench

“This long beach is perfect to spread out, play games, swim in the blue seas and build shelters.”

Tom Colyer

A wide sweeping expanse of white sand that stretches as far as the eye can see, Playa de Es Trench is the top Whitehead choice of all Majorcan beaches. Park along the road to Ses Covetes, carry all your gear along Carrer Covetes, and pick your spot depending on how busy it is and how far you want to walk. Our holidays have always been relatively off season, between April and May, and we’ve never had to fight for space on this massive beach.

Es Trenc Majorca
It’s the perfect place to relax, play some ball games and swim about in the waves. Credit: Laura Colyer
Make sure you bring your own source of shade! Credit: Laura Colyer

If you need a break from the sun, stroll back along to Bar Esperanza for a cold drink or even for lunch. This cool bar restaurant has been refurbished in the last couple of years, and the modern decor and trendy drinks make it a really pleasant place to chill out and play some cards.

Totally candid. Doesn’t your family do this at the beach?


If you’re heading to this sunny island for your winter escape, make sure you add these Majorcan beaches to your itinerary! And for more recommendations for your holiday check out my post about Majorca.

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Majorcan beaches
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