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This is a big week for me, I’m leaving my job at graze in Richmond after working there for 4 years – the vast majority of my career. I’ve been so lucky to have worked in Richmond all this time, it’s a great place to spend your days and so quick to get to from London.

What do I love the most about Richmond? The green spaces, the fab shopping, and the oh so many places to eat and drink.

So in honour of my final week, here’s a comprehensive list of places to eat and drink in Richmond.


Breakfast in Richmond

At graze we eat breakfast in our teams every Friday, and sometimes when there’s a special occasion or the shopping trip falls through, the local restaurants come to the rescue.

Outside the graze office on Hill Street, Richmond.


Another perk of working at graze, the bi weekly Friday pub trip. I actually did a pub poll to find out the mass preference, and this is the leaderboard, starting with most popular.

Lunch in Richmond

Friday lunch trips are the best, especially when the sun is shining. Here are some my my personal faves, and a couple of recommendations from colleagues.

  • Stein’s – go here in the summer with a big group and order a Die Große Bratwurst-Sause – a giant meter platter sausage feast 
  • Beirut Street Kitchen – incredible Lebanese wraps
  • The Alberts Deli – the only place to get a truly great sandwich
  • The Thai Elephant
  • Hilltribe – good Thai food, but always busy
  • Wagamama
  • Maki & Bowl
Richmond Stein's sausage platter
This giant meter platter sausage feast has Bratwurst, Nürnberger, Polish and Viennese sausages, meatloaf and crispy bacon served with sauerkraut, mash and pan-fried potatoes.


Hill Street in Richmond is packed with burger joints. I’m not sure why you would need all of these literally within moments of each other, but there you go.

GBK Richmond
The Christmas special burger from GBK.

Ice Cream

A moment of silence for The Farmery, an amazing frozen yoghurt shop that was closed down last year to be replaced with a vape cafe.

Dinner in Richmond

Richmond riverside
Richmond riverside at sunset.


I’m really going to miss being in Richmond every day, although now that I don’t work there maybe I’ll actually go there on weekends. Apparently there’s a great market on the riverside that I’ve never seen! Until then, I’ll never forget the cinnamon social from Ole & Steen.

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